The In Houston Visitors Guide

Houston residents have come up with several other monikers for their beloved city. Memorize them all so you won’t be out of the loop on your next trip to theBayou City: Houston has ten waterways within its limits and close surroundings. Most notable is Buffalo Bayou, where the first settlements were founded and the backdrop to the Battle of San Jacinto.H-Town: A nickname with its roots in the entertainment industry, H-Town is the moniker applied to the annual Blues Festival, the city’s Arena Theatre, and a hip-hop group which formed in 1992.

Houston, also known as the Bayou City, is a large metropolitan city with the embracing hospitality of a small town. Most people who visit usually find the warmth and friendliness of the city a very refreshing surprise. Where else can you become great friends with a total stranger in the short span of a few hour. Houston is a wonderful city and has something to offer for everyone, be it Shopping at one of it's many malls, or your next big job opportunity, or having your children in a great school district, you will find it here.

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Top Things to do in Houston for Visitors

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Houston is a vibrant, cultural city and there’s much more here than cowboys, the just energy electric and gas company and BP. Spring is a great time to get out and explore what the city has to offer, and here are a few of the best things to do in Houston this time of year.

Houston Amusement Parks For A Day Of Texas Fun

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that especially includes the amusement parks. Visitors to the state will find that it is full of some of the wildest rides in the world. There are lots of wonderful amusement parks to try in the state, and many of them are conveniently located in Houston. No matter what kind of amusement park visitors to Houston are looking for, they will find it in the city. There are the classic huge amusement parks that feature loads of thrilling rides

Theater And The Arts In Houston Texas

Resident and visitors alike would do well to learn more about the art and theater opportunities that Houston Texas has to offer. From galleries and shows to concert halls and live performances, the city has a wide variety of cultural attractions that you might benefit from exploring. Learning more about the local attractions, visiting performers and other cultural landmarks that the city has to offer, it may be possible to enjoy a wider range of entertainment opportunities.

Museum Primer For Houston, Texas

Here are three of the best museums to visit on a trip to Houston, two for the arts and one for the sciences. There are many others, but not enough room here to give an extensive description. The Houston Museum of Fine Arts features works from ancient Egypt and Greece, as well as many paintings and sculpture by Chinese, European and American artists. Also much primitive art of Africa, the Indians of North and South America, and the South Pacific.

Outdoor Excursions For Nature Lovers In Houston Texas

Houston is the biggest city in Texas. As a result, it boasts many fun and entertaining outdoor attractions. Here are a few of the best outdoor excursions for nature lovers in Houston, Texas. Explore the Houston Zoo. Few outdoor excursions or trips in Houston, Texas are as entertaining as the Houston Zoo. Located on Hermann Park Drive, the Houston Zoo boasts many one-of-a-kind animals and exhibits. Popular animals include orangutans, Gaboon vipers and Komodo dragons. Popular exhibits include the African Forest.

Taste The Local Food And Flavors Of Houston, Texas

If you are heading to Texas, you have to taste the local food and flavors of Houston. Even if you are a local you should really get out and try the neighborhood restaurants and diners. Houston has incredible food, and is the fourth largest city in the United States. Mexican, Brazilian and Seafood are just some of the cuisines that you can try. If you feel like Thai, Japanese, or Chinese you will not be disappointed. Food trucks are the latest craze to hit every city in America, and you can taste the local food and flavors in Houston.

Explore Houston’s Abundant Night Life

There are many people who enjoy the nightlife. It is nothing life getting a group of men or women together and having a good time. Those who will be visiting Houston will be thrilled to know that this city has some of the best nightclubs around. People who just want to enjoy a drink and some good music will like the Eden, Pink Monkey and Resurrection. These are after hour clubs that are open until 2 a.m. or later.