Weekend Getaway Houston – Hotels Cheap!

Five Star Texas Travel on a Two Star Budget

Texas travel is fantastic, and a weekend getaway to Houston can be a fun, romantic couples retreat, even on a tight budget. Learn how to make that happen.

Houston, Texas has an abundance of fun and romance to offer couples planning a romantic weekend getaway. Fantastic food, shopping, culture, and elegant hotels make Houston the perfect place to get away, even for suburban natives.

Visitors to Houston can score great deals on hotel stays and restaurant dining by learning to follow a simple system of savings to get the most of their dollars, making any trip more enjoyable and relaxing.

Where in Houston is Best to Stay?

The area of town to stay in is purely preferential. Recommended for a romantic weekend getaway are either the downtown area museum/medical District or the Galleria area. Choosing one of these depends on what a couple most enjoys doing together.

Downtown Houston is easily navigated on foot and staying there gives visitors easy access to exciting nightlife, romantic restaurants, the Houston theater district, and some nice city parks on foot.


The museum or medical district puts visitors in the heart of all the great museums Houston has to offer and within close range of Hermann Park which is a fun day on its own, especially for couples interested in gardening; Hermann Park houses Houston’s Japanese Tea Gardens and Houston Garden Center.

The Galleria area offers some phenomenal restaurants and excellent shopping. Couples visiting Houston to shop should definitely consider staying here.

Using Sites like Priceline and Hotwire

Why Stay Two Star when Five Star is More Fun

When planning a weekend getaway, if travelers are flexible, websites such as Hotwire.com and Priceline.com are invaluable resources. Priceline and Hotwire offer discounts on airfare, cruises, rental cars, vacation packages, and hotels. Priceline fixed rates are usually better than most competitors, but if adventurous and interested in saving money, forget about fixed rates.

Priceline.com has a feature that allows users to name their own price to bid on rooms in top hotels. Of course, one could bid on a room in a two-star hotel as well, but when romantic, four or five-star hotels are available at rock bottom prices, travelers should try their luck at four-star or five-star hotels first for the optimal weekend getaway experience.

When using Priceline.com, wait as long as possible to book a hotel room before the weekend getaway or vacation. Priceline works by dealing with hotels who haven’t sold out of their rooms, and at the last minute, wish to attempt to break even by offering the rooms at unpublished rates through websites like Priceline.com.

Travelers booking with Priceline.com cannot see the name of the hotel until booking; only the area of the city and hotel class. For adventuresome weekend getaway travelers, this is part of the fun! Think of it as a surprise grab bag that will always have twice the value paid for it. Hotwire’s system is similar, but instead of bidding, the site shows you the prices and star class of available hotels. If you choose to reserve the room, you are given the details after paying.

The closer it is to the date the hotel room is needed, the more likely a low Priceline bid is to be excepted. A good rule of thumb is to view the Priceline fixed rate for hotels in the class that will be bid on and start the bid at half of that or a little lower. For example, if five-star hotels in Houston are averaging $140.00 per night, a bid of $50.00 – $70.00 has a very good chance of being excepted if the time of travel is near.

There are no strings to this method of procuring a hotel room for a weekend getaway, just a gold mine of savings to be had. Priceline and Hotwire both charge a service fee, but it is trivial compared to the amount of money to be saved. Do check the hotel website after booking to be aware of random hotel fees that can add up, such as wi-fi and parking fees.

Houston Texas Travel for Romantic Weekend Getaway Fun

Houston, Texas has limitless offerings for a perfect, romantic weekend getaway. Follow the instructions here and become a pro at enjoying all it has to offer on a dime. Priceline.com and a bit of savvy will give couples the five-star experience they have been waiting for. Go here to read about saving huge amounts of money on dining.

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