Top Best Houston Instagram-Worthy Murals

Best Murals in Houston

In Houston, the street art scene is flourishing! If you have even the slightest appreciation for street artwork, you need to take the time to visit Houston’s lively collection of murals. In fact, there are over 100 murals throughout the downtown area. However, here are the top must-see murals the next time you’re in the town. All these murals are Instagram Worthy.

“Houston is Inspired”

313 Travis St.
Houston, TX 77002

Hip, colorful wall mural & Houston tribute that’s a popular backdrop for photo sessions. On the corner of Preston Street and Travis Street. It’s at a parking lot – so no worry about finding a place to park

Greetings From Houston

3602 White Oak Dr.
Houston, TX 77007

Large artwork with iconic images of the city, suitable as a backdrop for a souvenir photograph.

Preservons La Creation (Let’s Preserve the Creation)

2800 San Jacinto Street,
Houston, TX 77004

Houston’s biggest mural is situated at the corner of Fannin and Tuam in Midtown. This mural is in a parking area. This to you don’t have to worry about finding place to park. Probably best to go during the day for the best lighting since this mural is not lit up at night.

Hummingbird Wall Mural

5102 Navigation Blvd.
Houston, TX 77011

This gorgeous hummingbird piece is on the side of Frenetic Theater. on the corner of North Adams Steet and Navigation Blvd. This Mural has probably seen better days.

Zippers Wall

1513 St Emanuel St.
Houston, TX 77003

This particular wall was made by Risk Rock aka Kelly Gravel and is in a spot encircled by other murals. This probably should be your first stop for murals. There is lots to see and could change over time. It is always evolving since there are local artists that tends to showcase their work on several different spots. These are really collective murals from a different artist.
These murals are on the corner of Leeland Street and St. Emanuel St. Lots of parking awa

Hearts Mural

333 S Jensen Dr.
Houston, TX 77003

Fall in love with this adorable wall decorated with hearts of all shapes and sizes. On the side of the building Talento Bilingue De Houston. There are 2 different walls with murals. Best to view this from the side of the building – on the main street S. Jensen Dr. Lots of parking in front of the building. This one will be an easy one to spot. This mural too changes and may not always be the same. It is called ‘Hearts of Mural’ – but it is always evolving with different guest muralists.

New Sugar & Cloth Wall and Stairs

1201 Fannin St,
Houston, TX 77002

This colorful wall was curated by Houston-based DIY blogger and founder of Sugar & Cloth, Ashley Rose. This one is a bit harder to find. But definitely in the heart of Houston.
When you are on Fanning Street – Stand under the Overpass that is labeled ‘Green Steet’ and walk WEST. Good luck. Parking should be done in the Paid parking lots that are located adjacent to the murals.


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