Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Houston, Texas.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Houston, Texas. 🚀

Have you been thinking about relocating to Houston, Texas? Texas is a great state with amazing cities like Houston. This video is about things you should know before you pick up and move to Houston.
Houston isn’t a bad city compared to a lot of cities around its size, it just has some things you should know about. I hope you enjoy the video. Let us know in the comment section below.

Moving to Houston Texas

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If you enjoy these videos I would love to hear about it. We look at the best and worst cities, states, towns, and neighborhoods in the United States. Occasionally we do other countries. Most of the time focus on the negative side of locations. That is just what people want to see.
If you only want some happy positive information about a city, town, or state, I would suggest looking up local mortgage and real estate companies or maybe the locations website. They are trying to sell you something so it will be nothing but sunshine, rainbows, and a bunch of smoke up your skirt. They won’t tell you about crime, poverty, or insurance you’ll need because of natural disasters. I will.

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