Things to Do in Houston: Ultimate Houston Travel Guide (from an insider’s POV)

Want the most comprehensive guide to visiting Houston in under 15 minutes? Well here it is! I made this video to cover absolutely everything you need to know to get the most out of your Houston trip.

– How long you should stay
– When you should visit
– Where you should stay
– What to do in Houston
– Texas things to do
– Where to eat
– Where to go out
+ Houston’s secret and obscure attractions

By all means, feel free to screenshot my lists! and let me know if you found this video helpful 🙂

* *Disclaimer:This is a summary of all the best things for a tourist. Obviously there are so many great Houston things/places that didn’t make the cut, that other people might value more. All of my advice in this video is based on my own experience living in Houston, my Houston friend’s opinions and advice, and the reactions of my visiting friends and family. If you live in Houston, or you’ve been to Houston already, comment below what your favorite things are.

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