Things to do in Concan TX: Texas Travel Series

Concan is a paradise where the waters are crystal clear, and you can take some of the most scenic hikes! Many people travel to Concan to float the river, but there are also so many different things to do in Concan and other great swimming holes to explore.

We took out the Trophy Nissan Titan for our trip to Concan, and it ended up being useful for so much of our trip! From off-roading, to being able to pull up right by the water, and even driving through the water, the Titan was able to handle everything! Having taken part in so much adventure and living in Texas, having a tough truck like the Titan really let us go further and see more.

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Fun Things to do in Concan TX This Weekend

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Places we visited
0:25 Frio River Private Access
4:12 Garner State Park
6:33 Mager’s Crossing
8:34 Inn Between
11:29 Neal’s
12:24 Frio Float

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