“The One Time in Houston” (A Short Film by David Lizalde)

A non profit film

A Film by David Lizalde


“The One Time in Houston”

Alice In Wonderland inspired trip with the cinema verité finish.
A psychedelic murder & its components around it told in kinetic story telling. Simultaneously, news segments are played throughout, where they describe the history of gangs in LA.

Visual jazz. Because its cut like a french new wave film but also because Its supposed to keep you guessing as you are supposed to live in the mind of Houston. Hence the name of the film & his sister’s narration because that’s all he has left.
(Your not supposed to know what happens next as most films do)

The soundtrack evolves from the Stelvio Cipriani score that first enters your ears with the opening credits. Changing with each character. Emphasizing their character. Until the end you hear 2pac which abruptly ends the film finishing with The favor fulfilled.

“Emily’s Studio” – Stelvio Capriani
“Mary’s Theme” – Stelvio Capriani
“Paradiso blu, Pt. 2” – Stelvio Cipriani
“Foggy Night” – Massimo Catalano
“Betrayal” – Gang Starr

“Ordinary Day” – Cali Life Style

“Lord Knows” – 2pac

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