Extra Space Storage sat down with Kat Waldrip, owner of Wander Life Coconut Creamer, to talk about living and working in small spaces, the unique lifestyle of Austin, TX, and wanderlust. http://blog.extraspace.com/2017/03/23/wander-life-coconut-creamer-austin-tx-living/

An avid traveler and coffee drinker, Kat started Wander Life Coconut Creamer after searching for (and being unable to find) a coffee creamer that suited her dietary needs, as well as TSA guidelines. Today, her product helps people live healthier, more convenient lives. Even though Wander Life Coconut Creamer ships nationally on sites like Amazon, Kat runs shipping out of her 900-square-foot home and production out of a collaborative work space at Manon’s Shared Kitchen in North Austin. Kat credits downsizing and effectively utilizing space at home with the ability to get out and explore all that Austin has to offer—and, of course, spend more time planning her next travel adventure!

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