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Welcome to DAY 2 of our Austin, TX travel vlog!

We had the opportunity of staying in the most amazing tiny house on our trip and got to experience what it is like to live day to day in VERY tight quarters. As you can see in this vlog, I had to get ready in the kitchen using a small compact mirror while sharing the space with Jordan lol.

Making the bed was also a bit more difficult in a loft but overall it was still such a refreshing change from the norm.

On this vlog:
– Getting ready in a tiny house
– Vegan lunch at The Beer Plant Bar and Restaurant
– Exploring the Lakeway area
– Feeding fish
– Dinner at French Quarter Grille

Check out my blog if you want to learn more about our second day in Austin.

I hope you enjoyed this vlog!

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Quynh Pham

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