You will want to come out and attend Pitch A Kid at TMC Innovation Institute Sat. January 27th.

Saturday, January 27th, Houston will experience Pitch-a-Kid. Where kids run the show.

Pitch-a-Kid connects kids to entrepreneurs to improve learning.

The Pitch-a-Kid is an event is where real entrepreneurs pitch to kids! It helps entrepreneurs refine their pitches and tell kids what you do, how you do it and why. And it helps kids get engaged with entrepreneurship, problem-solving and making a difference.

The Judge

The things kids will say! Unfiltered and brilliant questioning from minds that are not programmed with “business jargon”. No buzzwords. No VC lingo. Just good kid questions.

To become a judge

The Pitch

Can you explain your business value with such simplicity that a kid will get it? Pitch-a-Kid is a great low-risk way to refine your pitch and teach kids what you do, how you do it and why. And get honest and truthful feedback to help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

To pitch

Tickets to the event

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