Building an Emerging Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Ramon Lozano Discusses Conroe, Texas

Ramon Lozano discusses the tactics for building an emerging entrepreneurship ecosystem in Conroe, Texas. He is the Entrepreneur In Residence at the Conroe Economic Development Council. Learn more about CEDC here:

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On this episode, Ramon gives us the inside scoop on the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Conroe, Texas, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Located 40 miles outside of Houston, Conroe is working to develop its information technology and medical sectors to diversify its industry landscape, which currently relies heavily on energy companies.

During the podcast, Ramon covers numerous strategies for developing an early-stage startup ecosystem. As the primary coordinator for Conroe’s ecosystem development, he is beginning his work with a comprehensive survey to understand the existing entrepreneurship landscape. Ramon is also pursuing industry cross-pollination efforts to break down silos and encourage collaboration.

Since Conroe is located near Houston, Ramon is working to open the communication lines between entrepreneurs in the two communities by building relationships with Station Houston and other entrepreneurship hubs.

Most importantly, Ramon believes that entrepreneurs should govern their own ecosystems, so he is working to plant the seeds for ecosystem growth and serve as an ally for the entrepreneurs who emerge as ecosystem developers. By setting up the Conroe Regional Entrepreneurship Guild, he is preparing entrepreneurs to take control of their ecosystem. His strategy focuses on laying the groundwork for entrepreneurship ecosystem growth and empowering community entrepreneurs.

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