Solo Trip to Houston During COVID in 2021 | 20 Things to Do, See, and Eat in Houston, Texas

On January 1st, 2021 I flew to Houston, Texas alone.

I chose to fly solo to Houston because:
1. My friend invited me to stay with her. πŸ€—
2. I never visited Texas before. 🀩
3. The weather is better there than in New York. πŸ˜‚
4. My favorite actress/singer as a child, Hilary Duff, was born there. 😎
5. When I did some research, I realized the lazy river at the Marriott Marquis Houston was super cool that I would regret not staying there before I stay with my friend. πŸ€™

Things added up so I thought this was was the perfect destination to begin the New Year (and spend my birthday)! πŸ₯³

My first 3 nights were solo (stayed at the Marriott Marquis Houston by myself) and the last 3 nights were spent with my friend at her house! In this video, I am only showing things to do in Houston while I was solo. However, my friend did join me in my adventures a little. It’s the best of both worlds.

If you want to see some of the things I did with my friend in my other option, check out my saved Houston IG stories!
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S k i m t h e v i d e o πŸ”½

00:00 β†’ Introduction
00:31 β†’ 2021 In-flight Experience
01:01 β†’ Marriott Marquis Houston Room Tour
02:30 β†’ 1. Houston Winter Lights (Marriott Marquis Houston)
03:26 β†’ Night-time and morning-time
03:43 β†’ 2. Space Center Houston
05:23 β†’ 3.Lone Star Flight Museum
07:04 β†’ 4. Soul Food Vegan
08:03 β†’ 5. Discovery Green Park
08:52 β†’ 6. Graffiti Park
10:08 β†’ 7. Smither Park
11:03 β†’ 8. The Orange Show
12:15 β†’ 9. The Beer Can House
13:05 β†’ 10. Hogg Bird Sanctuary
13:30 β†’ 11. Waugh Bridge Bat Colony
14:23 β†’ 12. We Love Houston Sign
14:46 β†’ 13. Giant Beetles Statues
15:27 β†’ 14. Truck Yard
16:00 β†’ 15. Relax in a Hot Tub
16:20 β†’ Plans for the day
16:46 β†’ 16. Learn fun facts while strolling along Texas Avenue
17:06 β†’ 17. Stroll along Main Street to find art
17:22 β†’ 18. Market Square Park
18:20 β†’ 19. The Red Button (at Mosbacher Bridge)
19:24 β†’ 20. George H. W. Bush Monument
19:46 β†’ Conclusion

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