Where are the Asian Places in Houston, Texas? Part 1 (Bellaire Chinatown)

In this video, I show places you can find Asian food and businesses in Houston, TX. Off Sam Houston Tollway and Bellaire Blvd, there is a prominent shopping district featuring H Mart, 99 Ranch, other supermarkets, and many restaurants. This is Part 6 in the TX overall series, but Part 1 for Houston.

Part 1: Arlington/Grand Prairie – https://youtu.be/pnhVPhUfaXU
Part 2: Carrollton – https://youtu.be/QiG9fj10Xy8
Part 3: Dallas – https://youtu.be/U7bbwEZqSdY
Part 4: Plano/Frisco – https://youtu.be/GLu5Dv-4XdE
Part 5: Plano – https://youtu.be/c53BvvsBz-c
Part 6: Houston – https://youtu.be/tyfff-HSoKU

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