Ten dancers from the Salsa Grande dance program demonstrate freestyle Rueda dancing during the Salsa social held at the SSQQ Dance Studio in Houston, Texas on Saturday, April 25, 2015.

The song used in this performance is “Antonio” by Alex Wilson. The calling duties in this Rueda are shared by three dancers — the primary caller is Michael W. (lead instructor for the Salsa Grande dance program), with calls also made by students Jorge Luis H. and Tom M. This is not a choreographed routine, but an example of a fully freestyled/improvised Rueda (also called “Casino Rueda” or “Salsa Rueda”).

The ten dancers for this Rueda demonstration are:

Anne D.
Bonita R.
Isabel G.
Jorge Luis H. (caller)
Maria A.
Michael W. (instructor/caller)
Michel P.
Sandra B.
Tom M. (caller)

For more information about learning Rueda in the Houston area, or about the Salsa Grande dance program in general, please visit the following website: http://www.SalsaGrande.net

More info on SALSA GRANDE: “Antonio” – Rueda Students’ Demo @ SSQQ Salsa Social in Houston, TX (4/25/15)

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