Not all legumes fix nitrogen equally. In a living system there are a myriad of factors that have influence. Rather then jump to prescriptions and authority I think it is more valuable to step back and focus on attributes and goals.
Here is a list of some leguminous plants and their different attributes of value

Key-(B-biomass production, C-cold tolerance, N-nectar, D-drought tolerance, S-shares the light/summer shade, E-edible parts)

Leucaena leucocephala BSNDE
Albizia julibrissin SCD
Moringa olifera BSEDN
Parkinsonia aculeate DSCE
Catalpa bignonioides BCS(poles)
Acacia wrightii/Acacia farnessiana DSN
Eysenhardtia texana ND
Myrospernum sousanum ND
Sophora secundiflora DBN
Cercis canadensis CE(shade tolerance)

There are plenty of others, but rather then dive into a more exhaustive list I am gonna dive back into the garden.

More info on Leguminous plants(nitrogen fixers) for the Houston Food Forest

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