Catfish Station a Restaurants in Houston TX offering Cajun Food or Seafood

In 2004, with help of friends and support from family members, Catfish Station opened as a city approved 14×10 concession trailer on the corner of Almeda & Wheeler in the historic 3rd Ward of Houston, TX. With a focus on providing great food combined with exceptional customer service, in a clean environment; Catfish Station has grown to multiple locations in Houston and the surrounding areas. Today the goal is to establish Catfish Station as a viable contender in the Quick Serve/Fast Casual restaurant industry for many years to come!

Come experience the “taste of Catfish Station” at our dine in locations, and see why customers have made Catfish Station their home for casual cajun cuisine.

Catfish Station
8110 Kirby Drive Houston TX 78751 United States 77054

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