2018 Houston Food Truck Fest

2018 Houston Food Truck Festival

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It’s been a while, I hope you all don’t hate me 🙂

This is my last adventure in Houston for a while now that classes have started again. This weekend I went to the 2018 Houston Food Truck Festival with my two best friends! We started out in the museum district thinking the event was at Herman Park. Come to find out it was actually downtown. Since the parking we found was free, we decided to spend the .25 to take the MetroRail. Once we got downtown we walked straight to the food! We were going to go to The Waffle Bus, but the line was insane so we decided to get tacos instead!
The festival consisted of hundreds of vendors and trucks and also live music.

After the festival, we had to take the MetroRail back to the museum district. Once we got off the train, there was this crazy white homophobic man yelling things at us. He didn’t do anything to us but throw slander, but we turned the corner and walked as fast as we could. Aline put her keys in her fist just in case. 😉
The scary part was that Herman Park at night is basically a NCIS episode. We safely got back to my car but boy what a wild night!

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