So Far Close 2 [A Houston Texas Feature Film] (2020 Motivation)

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So Far Close followed Shadow as he stumbled onto a college campus for the very first time. Unbeknownst to those around, Shadow was actually a homeless man struggling to find himself. Sergio, C4, and Shadow team up once again as they encounter more fun, struggles, life and more. This 5 indie feature film defies all odds and delivers a humbling story of friendship, sacrifice and willpower.

So Far Close 2 was produced entirely by a 100% minority cast & crew with no major benefactor! This movie goes to show you that anything can be done with like minded individuals and teamwork! This film was originally shot in February of 2018 on set in Houston, Texas! After a long wait, we’ve finally decided to release our film on YouTube after showcasing it exclusively on Amazon for 1 year!

So Far Close 2 was produced 100% independently via our 5 production budget raised directly through by way of 37 backers. We successfully cleared our 0 crowdfunding goal within 2 days and ended up surpassing it once the campaign was officially over.

Directed By Trey ‘Dr. Shadow’ Powell (@Dr_Shadow_)

Executive Produced By Pierre Cohen (@11.Pierre)

Produced By Pierre Cohen, Dr. Shadow, & James ‘KJ’ Holmes (@24KaratKj)

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Thank you for watching our film, please be sure to comment below and share it! If you enjoyed the movie, stay tuned for the behind the scene docuseries at the end of the film! If you have questions or want to leave feedback, feel free to contact us!

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Total Budget: 5

Filming Locations

Houston, TX (3rd Ward)
The Local Seat (3rd Ward)
The University of Houston(3rd Ward)
Texas Southern University (3rd Ward)
Student Center (UH)
Calhoun Lofts (UH)
Graffiti Park (2nd Ward, Houston, TX)

Equipment Used

Sony A6300
Rokinon 35mm 1.4 (Photo Version)
DJI Ronin M
Quasar Science Tube Lights (4’s)
Zoom H4N Pro
AKG Perception 420 Condenser Microphone

Production Company

The11thPower, LLC


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