Top Houston’s Newest and Coolest Public Art Projects

Best New Houston Public Art Projects

Houston is a full-fledged artist’s destination! We have long enjoyed looking at Houston’s art scene whether it be in one of our countless museums, mural hunting, or looking at the downright cool artistic attributes that make Houston so special. Even more interesting news – there are new art set up you can visit now. Continue reading to uncover where you can locate these new artworks!

Open House at Sam Houston Park

1000 Bagby Street
Houston, TX

Open House is an interactive temporary public sculpture created by local artists, Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. Sourced from Cherry House Moving Company, the 1940s-era house has circular holes into the walls creating a “Swiss cheese” appearance, and collaged interior walls with vintage images sourced from family, friends, and local resale shops that represent the city’s people, places, and past. Visitors can walk through Open House, soaking in some of Houston’s history while viewing both the modern skyscrapers of Downtown Houston and the landscape of Sam Houston Park through the holes that have been carved out of the house. –

#MadeInHOU Murals

Pandr Designs commissioned by Brookfield Properties
Houston, TX

Creating custom art installations and murals is what we do! Boosting your brand’s engagement and social impressions? Also what we do! We combine our love of eye-catching art with our expertise in consumer behavior and social trends to design a strategic, thoughtful, and unique visual representation of your brand. –

Cloud Column at MFAH

Houston, TX

Two years ago, a team of engineers and MFAH art handlers gently settled Houston’s now-iconic Cloud Column into place—all 21,000 pounds of it. Watch and listen as artist Anish Kapoor’s project manager describes how the monumental sculpture completed its journey, which started with an Atlantic crossing from England; continued with careful transport by truck in a custom-made crate from an MFAH storage facility; and finished with Cloud Column being skillfully hoisted into place and uncrated at its permanent home: The Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza on March 27, 2018. –

Harvey Heroes Mural

Houston, TX

Westchase District unveiled its newest — and biggest — mural at a celebration attended by city officials, first responders, and community leaders. The “Harvey Heroes” mural, created by artist Larry Crawford, pays tribute to the first responders who rescued so many people stranded by high water in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. –

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