TROPICAL STORM GORDON!! Warning New Orleans, Louisiana, surrounding cities, Houston, Texas and surrounding cities. The Tropical Wave is not gonna do what the news is saying.. They are useing the GFS model. The Euro model, which has been way more accurate than GFS last year, shows 96 hours of non-stop rain for Texas, with a massive 26 inches of rainfall in a 7 day period!
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New Orleans will get hit with the strongest part of the storm, 16 foot waves trying to break the levees for hours, with New Orleans being 15 feet below sea level already, this could be catastrophic.
84 mph winds was recorded dead center of New Orleans City which is Cat 1 Hurricane winds. Some house damage and uprooted trees can happen with Cat 1 winds. Massive rainfall also in Louisiana but the bulk of the rain will be dropped in Texas with a straight 96 hr period.
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