Invest 95L to bring Flooding to parts of Texas – Houston Galveston etc.

It’s gonna rain, yall.
God bless everyone, Stay Cool. T
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Right now the Texas Gulf Coast is keeping a watchful eye on Invest 95L, a tropical weather system hanging around the Yucatan Peninsula near Cancun.

According to the National Hurricane Center, an invest is termed as a tropical weather system that is prompting further investigation.

Media: Wibbitz
“Interests across northeastern Mexico and the coasts of Texas and Louisiana should monitor the progress of this system,” the NHC said in a tweet Tuesday.

On Wednesday the tracking models indicated that it might hit the southern tip of the Texas Gulf Coast and not the more northerly areas. Of course those things can change quickly.

The National Weather Service notes that the storm will most likely bring plenty of rain to Texas and parts of coastal Louisiana by late Friday. That heavy rain will also come with strong winds which could cause damage to property as well.

Invests are given numbers between 90 and 99 and either an “L” or an “E” depending on where they originate from, either the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. A system being termed an invest has no correlation to its chances of becoming a depression or storm. The numbering system starts over after each 99 invest.

Once Invest 95L graduates to a depression it will shed its current moniker. In the event it were to become a tropical storm we would have a weak Tropical Storm Joyce on our hands. It is not likely to turn into a hurricane according to the most recent National Weather Service data.

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