Lt. Howard Veterans Affairs Houston Texas illegal arrest and search

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Lt Howard
Was taking care of my daily routine at the VA in houston, when as I was walking out I noticed this police cruiser with no one in it. I recorded for a few minutes until the officer arrived and began to harrass me. He demanded I identify myself without telling me cause for such demand. All this becauss of my protected 1st amendment? It happens as you see it and then as soon as he takes my camera, I am forcefully grabbed and thrown against the vehicle. I was searched completely, not patted down. The officer grabbed a white bag with my meds out of my pocket and told me to open it for it. I put it back in my pocket and reminded him I never consented to sesrch. I continue to assert my rights to be there and photograph while they refuse to tell me why Im detained. The entire time I am being thrown around forcefully and have not shown any hostility towards the officer. I ask continuously for them to put me in front of the cruiser for video record but was denied. They continue to try and identify me by going through all of my belongings. After they realize Im not going to let them run all over me, tgey throw me in the back of the car and dump me off at the front gate. Upon beimg thrown in I ask to have video recprding begin but was ignored. I looked at the video on the windshield amd it said “no disk” which leads me to believe they reguse to record ever. They tell me I can not come back to the property until my next appointment. So now they have trespassed me for no crime without the caretakers consent. My 1st amendment was taken away and the whole ordeal was never justified to me. They believed tgey had the right to tell me what to do and they run the show. This department is out of control.
SIDE NOTE – I was dissapointed in fellow veterans due to when the assault and kidnapping began, I asked yelled loudly for someone to help protect me by recording and another veteran yelled at me “Thats what you get for recording.”

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