Living in Houston : 15 Things to Know Before Moving to Houston – Texas

Moving to Houston TX : in this video we will show you 15 things you need to know about Houston

Houston has made a name for itself as a space shuttle launch center NASA , (and possibly oil refineries), but there’s a lot more to see.

If you want to live in Houston you need to know that It was ranked # 57 on America’s Best Cities to Live in, and this economic heavyweight has been regarded for years as the nation’s greatest job creator, with an astounding 26 Fortune 500 companies calling it the home town.

What is perhaps even more striking about Houston is that you would undoubtedly expect it to be expensive, but a salary in this city of 2.3 million people goes beyond any other place in the country ..

Healthcare in Houston is a big deal, in every sense of the word, as the city has a larger medical center than downtown Dallas.

Add to that a burgeoning cultural and food scene, and Houston, a city with an attractive median home value of $ 312,900, is without a doubt a winning case as one of America’s best cities.

Cost of Living in Houston, TX.

Before Moving to Houston, Check out all the information to find out how much it would cost you if you want to move to Houston, TX (US) whether you are traveling, working, living, on vacation, or curious. In this video, we have prepared comprehensive lists of data based on the cost of a wide variety of products, goods, and services.

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