What Would You Do ? | Story Teller Films | 48 Hr Film Project Houston 2018

What if your choices defined you?

A not your run-of-the-mill superhero is faced with choices that will have dire consequences. Join Andy’s journey to see what he chooses.

What Would You do?

A Story Teller Films presentation, created for the 48 Hour Film Project in Houston.

Andy/Superhero: Mukul Vaswani
Mom: Sonia Joshi
Sarah: Sonal Kulkarni
Dennis: Pratik Yeola
Dennis’ Wife: Anagha Shinkar
Customer/Seeker: Kshitij Nisargand
Customer/Jamaican: Soham Bothare
Outdoor Ad Girl: Jamie Mathew
Almighty Voice: Prateek Karkal
Extras: Aniithaa Rajashekar, Jesal Kapasi, Dennis Trombly, Suyash Shetty, Tejas Patil

Directed by: Anil Dak & Swapnil Tambadkar
Assistant Director: Dennis Trombly
Cinematographer: Swapnil Tambadkar
Producer: Shreyasee Das
Costume/Make-Up: Anita Rajashekar
Editor: Swapnil Tambadkar & Tejas Patil
Boom Operator: Sonal Kulkarni, Pooja Dhake & Suyash Shetty
Story/Script: Avanti Deshpande, Shreyasee Das & Jesal Kapasi
Screenplay: Anil Dak, Swapnil Tambadkar, Tejas Patil & Kshitij Nisargand
Props: Kshitij Nisargand, Pratik Yeola & Anagha Shinkar
Background Score: Sonal Kulkarni, Shrinivas Apte & Anil Dak
Special Effects: Swapnil Tambadkar & Tejas Patil
Production Team: Sonal Kulkarni, Pooja Dhake, Suyash Shetty, Aniithaa Rajashekar, Pratik Yeola & Anagha Shinkar

Special Thanks to Laura Schlecht, Producer for the Houston 48 HFP, whose support during and after the project is endless.

Story Teller Films: https://www.facebook.com/storytellerfilmshouston/
48 HFP: http://www.48hourfilm.com/houston-tx

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