“The Runaway” is a story about Jesus’ unconditional love for us – told in fairytale form! Jesus often taught in parables as a way to better relate to his audiences. These stories drew his audiences in and made his message easier for them to understand and remember.

If the goal of our human videos is to draw those who are unbelievers to Christ, shouldn’t we be doing the same?

Character Key:
Shepherd = Jesus
Bride/Sheep = Us
Wolf = Satan
Woods = The world
The curse = Sin
The vows = Jesus’ promises to us

We are the Bride of Christ, but we left him for the world of sin.
So Jesus left heaven and came to earth, where he died on the cross to break the curse of sin so that we could be with him once again.

At some point in our lives, every one of us runs from Jesus and becomes a lost sheep. It is His great love for us that leads Him to chase after us until we are found. His greatest desire is to be with us forever.

Team Members:

Timmy Bray
Jessica Choi
Andrea Dunkelberger
Aubrey Dunkelberger
Elle Gruer
Caroline Holbrook
Connor Patterson
Emma Rickard
Johanna Sturges
Emily Winberg

Written and Directed by: Kendall Holbrook
Co-Coached by: Emma Rickard
Make-up: Bella Goria

Fairytale by Harry Gregson-Williams
Elephant Love Medley – From “Moulin Rouge”
El Tango de Roxanne – From “Moulin Rouge”

More info on The Runaway – Large Human Video – National Fine Arts Festival, Houston 2018

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