2020 The Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas is truly the best shopping experience in Texas and Most of the World ! This is something you have to see for yourself now!

A walk through the Galleria shopping mall in uptown Houston.
Did not really care for it too much but the ice rink is kinda unique.

The water wall, designed by Philip John Burgee, is in the Galleria District of Houston and was built in 1985.
It sits Opposite the Transco (now Williams) tower also designed by Johnson and its 64 feet of falling water represents the 64 floors of the tower. 11,000 gallons of water fall every minute from an internal recycling supply of 78,500 gallons.

It kind of produces an optical illusion if you stare at the water.

Williams Tower (Formerly Transco Tower) 2800 post Oak Boulevard Completed in 1983,This 64 floor Tower is the tallest 4K

2 mi walk!

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#Kids pretend play shopping at Toys store!Fun children video

Kids pretend play shopping at Toys store !! Fun children video

Jannat and Salwa go shopping for toys at the toy store.
Children fun shopping

Kids Size shopping – Using Coupons to get FREE Groceries!


Today we are going to let the kids shop white coupons and attempt to get almost all of our groceries for free!
We hope you enjoy watching the kids take over the grocery store!

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Thank you for watching videos.jannat and Salwa enjoyed shopping .shopping day stay connected with us .

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