SplatterFest Houston Short Horror movie Competition Mixer 2 – 08-30-12

Organizers and founders Kerry Beyer and Kelly Burns (Kelly Smith) invited prospective short horror movie makers to attend the second of two Mixers to meet, greet, get to know each other and learn more about the short movie competition that they will be participating in starting Friday, September 7th through the weekend until Sunday September 9th, 2012.

This is the 3rd Annual Splatterfest Houston’s Weekend of Mayhem Short Horror Movie Competition. Here, Movie Makers will have 52-hours to create, shoot, edit and finalize their short movie projects for judging. The movie makers must incorporate an assigned character, use an assigned prop and use a designated line of dialogue that will all be giving at the start of the competition, Friday, September 7th.

the teams will then have to drop-off their projects at McElroy’s Pub, (3607 S. Sandman St., Houston Tx 77098 by 11:59pm to be considered to be “on-time)

Movies, turned in on-time will be judged and will premiere on the big screen. Screening will take place October 2nd through October 4th, 2012 at the Alamo Drafthouse-Mason Park in Katy TX..

This Year, Splatterfest – Houston will bring in Actor Anthony Micheal Hall (star of such movies as “The Breakfast Club”, “The Dark Night”, “Weird Science”, “The Dead Zone” and more. Mr. Hall will be at the festival for ONE DAY ONLY where he will have a dedicated autograph signing session and for a small fee, get your picture taken with Mr. Hall. Splatterfest – Houston will screen some of Mr. Hall’s most memorable movies and He will be there for Q&A and is the recipient of the Splatterfest Lifetime Achievement Award.

Previous guests at Splatterfest include Bruce Campbell and Michale Biehn.

For tickets and more information about Splatterfest – Houston visit their official website at: www.Splatterfest.com

C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine, along with Videographer/Moviemaker Jim Stamos and Actress Tracy Collins, created a special video that gives an insight into Splatterfest Houston. We interviewed a number of moviemakers, some seasoned and some first time entrants into the world that is Splatterfest. We hope that you will enjoy the work that Mr. Stamos and Ms. Tracy Collins created to inspire our moviemakers.

Shown on the Video in the order as they are seen: Tracy Collins, Patricia Corron, Chuck Norfolk, Kelly Smith, Kerry Beyer, Roxy Vandiver, Javier Torres, Mara Watana, D. Grant Carr, Patrick Sane, Erin Reed and Vickie Wiese.

You can learn more about C47Houston at: www.C47Houston.com

A special thanks to Jim Stamos and Tracy Collins

Also a special thanks to C47Houston event and cover photographer Cinnamon Auld who helps to provide us with her special eye on events and the people that make our industry pretty awesome. Thank you Cinnamon.
We took some pictures at the event: you can see those pictures on our F**ebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4518654883956.2190018.1218281768&type=1&l=3a820dafdb

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