Short film sheds light on 1943 Beaumont rac

ORANGE – by Sarai Demien

A Southeast Texas film production team is finishing a short film about the 1943 Beaumont race riot. They say their goal is to shed light on a part of Beaumont history and start a dialogue about race relations today.

Actors and production crew take their posts on a set in Orange to tell a story.

“This actually started ten to twelve years ago Wyatt and I were doing research for a documentary about the 1943 Beaumont race riot,” says Gordon Williams.

The short film called ‘The Example’ is a fictional story Gordon Williams wrote and it takes place during the Beaumont race riots of 1943. It is a way Williams says to share with the audience a part of Beaumont history.

“It’s about two fathers and the decisions that they make on a night and a road block that affects their family, their legacy, their manhood and they even question themselves on what is the right thing to do,” says Williams.

The filming was not an easy task but many helped make it happen.

“We have people from the community that have been here for three days strong volunteering their time…overnights. People have been dedicated to this project to the story and Wyatt, Kenneth and I we greatly appreciate the time and the effort,” says Williams.

Kate Robards was one of those people. She played a key role in the film and is excited about sharing history from her hometown of Orange.

“Being able to portray a character who essentially could’ve been one of my ancestors is really really cool,” says Robards.

For many involved the experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“It’s rare to get this kind of experience in Southeast Texas on a professional film set so this is a valuable learning experience for them,” says Williams.

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