Daddy’s Girl is a horror short filmed shot for Splatterfest Weekend of Mayhem in Houston Texas. The 54 hour competition started on September 7th when I picked our prop, character, was given our line of dialogue, and theme element to shoot.
I then begin writing finishing in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Shot the film on location in 9 hours and took 17 hours to edit.
My cast consisted of young actors and actresses and one adult.
Daddy’s Girl is based on a young girl who loves her dad, doesn’t like her mother and finds herself being drawn to a mysterious house and a box. In tow, she has her little brother who loves his mom and hopes his dad is some where being tortured.
Daddy’s little girl awakens a curse or is it her birth right inside of this house or is the house really the doorway to hell?
She soon proves that she is truly Daddy’s Girl.
Characters/Team Dream 2012
Landon Brooks
Deke Garner
Cory Skrivenak
Shareina Garner
Gabby Brooks
Sadie Brook
Written, Directed, Cinematography,Edited,Music, Produced
Bernadette Arrington
Special thanks to all the parents and Splatterfest 2012

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