‘Botched’ – 48 Hour Film Project 2012 [Houston]

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‘Botched’ is a short film produced for the 48 Hour Film Project in Houston, Texas by The Filminators team from Group C. The film was disqualified when the line of dialogue that was to be included in the film by contest rules, was accidentally left out in the original edit. This is the final version with the line of dialogue included.


Local police infiltrate a gang of kidnappers only to find out they were unknowingly participating in a federal sting operation that had gone horribly wrong.


Producer: Julisa Gonzalez
Director/DP/Gaffer/Editor: Joe Medina
Writers: Julisa Gonzalez/Joe Medina
Boom Operator: Alfredo Gonzalez
Make Up: Alicia McClung-Hetz/Francis Rios
Production Assistant: Jesus Espino


Gang Member/Undercover Cop – Christian Gallegos
Gang Leader – Sonja Otero
Gang Member/Cook – Marcus Hopkins
Hostage – Francis Rios
Federal Agent/Interrogator #2 – Joshua Willoughby
Federal Agent in Raid/Interrogator #1 – Julisa Gonzalez
Federal Agent – Alicia McClung-Hetz
Federal Agent in Raid – Alfredo Gonzalez

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