2017 Houston 48 Hr Film Project Entry “SHORT FUSE”

Official Entry of Singularity Multimedia to the Houston 48 Hour Film Project “Short Fuse”.

Winner of “Best Use of Prop” award and part of the Best of Screening Group 1.

This was our first year competing in the project. All teams had to include a given line of dialogue, prop and character that were required to be in the film. The line of dialogue was “lets get this party started”. The prop was a Hairbrush, and a character named either Martin or Marta Fuse “Customer Service Specialist”. Each team was also randomly assigned two genres. We were assigned “Sports or Romance”. We chose sports film. In the end, we barely made the deadline by 7 minutes. It still had a lot of problems and obviously still a very amateur production.

Our team is proud to have finished the project, the award was a bonus. It was our first year, but most certainly not our last.

Produced by
RJ Duarte
Chris James
Mike Rew
Hayden Johnson
Thomas Howell

Thank you to all the people who helped us with the project. Your time and effort was the reason we were able to finish.

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