Houston,Tx.-Federal Courthouse Bunny Boots Detained for photography

So,while Bunny Boots (David) was in town he needed to conduct some biz at the Federal Courthouse here. Thinking there would be no big issues,I dropped him off and went to run some errands. Boy-did I underestimate the stupidity of the Court Security Officers.
Keep in mind-these are hired and (half ass) deputized Security Guards from Walden Security-not real Marshals.
Some faces in this video may look familiar-thats because they previously showed up in another of my videos-which you can see here= https://youtu.be/XW8ee8o718k
US Marshal Service IAD Washington DC 202-307-9155
Walden Security-Dick Wong 423-702-8200
More footage will be posted on Bunny Boots Ink channel-subscribe there for updates and further info.
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