FIGHT NIGHT | “Monster Brawl” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

ARE YOU READY FOR MONSTER BRAWL?? When humans and monsters enter the ring, there is no round 2. Are the captured Crypt Monsters doomed to destroy each other for entertainment or is there any hope to escape??
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Writer J. Casey Modderno
Director/Editor/Colorist Alex Grybauskas
Producer Chelsea O’Connor
Casting Natalie Avital
Casting Support Services Breakdown Services
Concept Artist Ben Garriga

Direction Department
1st AD Rob Shearer

Camera Department
Director of Photography Paul Houston
1st AC Carol Kim
2nd AC Jose Mendoza
DIT and Assistant Editor Erik Aleksiewicz
Set Photographer Ryan Godoy

Production Department
2nd AD / Key PA Emily Troedson
PA Ted Stevenson
PA Stephan Wunderlich
PA Claudine Quadrat
PA Thom Vaknin
Fight Choreographer Ross Scharphorn
Set Medic Craig Marvin
Set Medic Ryan Stevenson

Sound Mixer (Location) Nico Pierce
Art Department & Costume
Production Designer Anna Lian Tes
Art Director Devin Marie Loring
Art Dept. Assistant Ellen Connaughton
Art Dept. PA Kimberly Luangraj
Art Dept. PA Eunhae Yoo
Costume Designer Allison Choi Braun
Costumer Shanna Alaine Clister
Costumer Alyssa DePaola
Construction Lead (Arena) Reidar Doan
Contruction Lead (Vault) Stephan Grasseli
Construction Asst. (Arena) Joseph Rojas

Gaffer Dijon Herron
BBE Darren Samuels
BBG Matthew Cole
Key Grip Kevin Paul Lawrence
Hair and Make-Up
Creature Fabrication & SFX Nelson Cooper
SFX Makeup Artist Erin Maiden SFX
Makeup Artist Maryann Yee

Sound Mixer Jim Cushinery

Principal Cast
Colossus – Eric Prochnau
Porter – Conrad Haynes
Erica – Croix Provence
Micah – Hélène Udy
Mars – Christopher Marrone
Oscar – Himmel Beau Marie
Greer – Drummond Karlisha Hurley
Fight Night Victim – Heather Alexander
Nancy Mordeo – Alyssa Onofreo
Estelle Adele – Marie Pomerenke
Bonnie Ross – Mary Bonney
Micah’s Guy #1 – Mark Anthony
Micah’s Guy #2 – Trey Quick
Micah’s Guy #3 – Marvin Telp

Background Aaron Shepard Bray
Background Alicia Nash
Background Anna Sahlstrom
Background Ayla Glass
Background Betty Katowicius
Background Brandon T’rell Spruill
Background Ria Gaudioso
Background Carissa Lynn Edwards
Background Papp Johnson
Background Daniel Shar
Background Danny Prikazsky
Background Denise Marlen Vehlow
Background Donny Rodriguez
Background Gabriela de Cos
Background Hunter M. Altman
Background Kelley Quinn
Background Kirsten Zastrow
Background Lion Dodsworth
Background MaryLynn Suchan
Background Mareena D’Angelo
Background Michael Joseph Guzniczak
Background Rene Michelle Aranda
Background R. Scott Hoffman
Background Rob Koebel
Background Roger Yang
Background Stirling Moriah Freeman
Background Sue Gerver
Background Theresa Gattuso
Background Tyler Davidson
Background Varut Chee
Background Wade Allen Herter

Co-Executive Producer Jeremy Elliott
Developed By Jasmine Johnson
Supervising Producer Mary Bonney
Production Supervisor Anthony Mugnolo
Production Legal Meghan Moroney
Production Accountant Matthew Taylor

Mac Beauvais
Derek Bloom
Dane Eckerle
Brendon Holl
Adam Huebner
Gabriel A. Montoya
Alyssa Onofreo
Kim Rosen
Dev Sheth
Kevin Shih
Terilynn Troxell

Crypt’s mission is to tell monster stories that bring the world closer together. We believe scary stories unite us and help us face our most powerful emotions. We want to create the next generation of iconic monsters — with you and for you. Follow us @CryptTV everywhere and find your #MonstersWithin #CryptMonsterUniverse #FightNight

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