Feta Candles & Massage | Houston, TX

Tarsha Adams
Owner, Feta Candles & Massage
Houston, TX
Left voicemail on April 13, 2020

I am Tarsha Adams. I own Feta Candles and Massage, based out of Houston, Texas.

My business means everything to me. I started this with 0.

I was just getting to a place where my business was able to start paying on my personal bills, because I do have employees as well.

I was at a point where I could pay them on a weekly basis.

With the shutdown, it’s not enough to pay my rent.

My employees have honestly called to check on me, and said, “We just want to make sure you’re okay.”

I’ve sent them some money just to say, I appreciate y’all.

I know this is not much, but it’s just something to let y’all know that I’m thinking about y’all.

They’re all understanding. They know my drive to grow this business and not be selfish.

I’m looking forward to having my business get back afloat.

Everything is not forever.

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