EXPLORING HOUSTON, TX (Things to do in Houston 2019)

In this Vlog We visit the state of Texas particularly the City of Houston. This is my surprise travel gift to Ode on her Birthday. I’ve been in Houston many time’s but it’s work related and I have no chance to explore the city. This time I bring my wife to explore Houston. Flying from Seattle WA to Houston TX take us 5 hrs I think, I can’t remember LOL. After We landed We went straight to eat at Gatlins Barbecue and YES TEXAS barbecue is the best.Then We visited some attractions in Houston like The Water Wall, The Galleria Mall, Houston Mural, Buffalo Bayou Park, Sam Houston Monument. The next day We head south of Houston the Space Center Houston. We spent half of the Day learning and exploring NASA. After that We went more south at KEMAH Boarkwalk when We got there there is no people around and so empty, Maybe because its cloudy lol. Then We hit the road to visit Ode’s Classmate in High school. Thanks Hannah! Then We went back downtown to explore more. The Houston Rodeo was big event a lot of people a lot of things to do inside, a lot of food and shops. It’s like a State Fair I guess. Also We visit some Filipino restaurant in Houston like the Gerry’s Grill and Flip n Patties. Also Bonchon Restaurant Ode’s favorite. Before We head back to the airport We stop by at Lakewood Church were Joel Osteen is the Pastor. We love to hear his PODCAST. Lastly Houston has a lot to offer. I wanna come back and explore more maybe next time We’ll never know.
Thank you for watching. ALOHA and MABUHAY BYE!

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