Entrepreneur — Houston Edition | Inspired by Pharrell Williams Entrepreneur Ft. JAY Z

There are way too many dope, Black entrepreneurs in Houston to fit them all into one video. But, here’s a look at some of Houston’s finest. Inspired by Pharrell Williams “Entrepreneur” ft. JAY Z.

#SupportBlackBusiness See a list of Houston’s Black business directories and small business resources here: thediversityfund.com/resources

Directed by Tiffany L. Williams
Director of Photography Cleo Dishmon
Executive Producer 1301 Ventures / Diversity Fund Houston

Shout out to David Kirkman with WokeNation for kicking off the challenge!

Featured Businesses

The Breakfast Klub
IG: @katfishandgrits
Website: thebreakfastklub.com

Wanderstay Hostel
IG: @wanderstayhouston
Website: wanderstayhotels.com

Diversity Fund Houston
IG: @diversityfundhouston
Website: thediversityfund.com

LAMIK Beauty
IG: @Lamikbeauty
Website: Lamikbeauty.com

Reading With A Rapper
IG: @readingwarapper
Website: readingwitharapper.com

Sienna Sauce
IG: @siennasauce
Website: siennasauce.com

Black Business Focus Group
IG: @BlackBusinessFocusGroup
Website: blackbusinessfocusgroup.com

Nap Bar
IG: @napbarhou
Website: napbarnow.com

She’s Happy Hair
IG: @sheshappyhair
Website: sheshappyhair.com

Chris Senegal
IG: @_invstr
Website: invstrlinks.com

Three6xity Visuals
Website: 36ixtyvisuals.com

The Carter Brothers
Website: thecarterbrothers.com

8 Million Stories
FB: @8MSHouston
Website: eightmillionstories.org

PPG Global
Website: ppggloballlc.com

Chris Hollins
IG: @cghollins
Website: Stackedpickle.com

She Said She Led She Is
IG: @shesaidsheled
Website: shesaidsheledsheis.com

Church Space
IG: @church_space
Website: bookchurchspace.com

Global Security Advancements
IG: @securingyourfuture
Website: onlinetexasltc.com/globalsecurityadvancements

Elite Image Tax and Notary Service, LLC
IG: @elite_tax
Website: eliteimagetax.com

Organized SHIFT
IG: @organizedshift
Website: organizedshift.com

Emeniss Call Center
IG: @emenissllc
Website: emeniss.com

Cindy’s List Funeral Concierge
IG: @cindyslistllc
Website: cindyslistllc.com

IG: @clev.tech
Website: clev.tech.com

IG: @its_spendebt
Website: spendebt.com

Twice Media Productions
IG: @twicemediaproductions
Website: twicemediaproductions.com

IG: @find_equiliberty
Website: findequiliberty.com

Urban Culture Apparel
IG: @urbancultureapparel_
Website: shopurbancultureapparel.com

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