Day 2 Wrap-up Video – Houston – Texas Startups Roadshow

Check out what happened on Day 2 of the Texas Startups Roadshow as we see what the innovative startups are doing in Houston area.

Texas has four of the ten largest and fastest growing cities in the United States. The J.P. Morgan Texas Startups Roadshow is a unique opportunity for fifty of the country’s top tech investors and innovators to receive an exclusive statewide tour of what Texas has to offer. This yearly journey starts in Dallas and ends in Austin, Texas. Lasting a total of three days, four nights, this roadshow will showcase startups from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

This Roadshow is for those who are curious about the buzz surrounding the recent entrepreneurial growth in Texas and are interested in how they can be a part of its development. Joshua Baer will be your tour guide as we travel from city to city meeting with local entrepreneurs and investors in the community. Ride with us if you are curious about investing more in Texas technology, disruptive commerce companies and the Texas startup ecosystem as a whole. There will be both local and national press coverage at each stop throughout the whole event. This trip will be full service, all-inclusive for guests with Capital Factory staff managing all logistical details. You don’t want to miss it!

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