Protests over firefighters stops business at Houston City Council

Houston City Councilman Dwight Boykins delayed virtually everything the body was going to tackle Wednesday in a protest over the 68 fire cadets trapped at the academy.

Those cadets finished their training weeks or months ago, but Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner won’t swear them in over concerns about voter approved pay raises.

Any Houston city councilmember can delay items until the next meeting for any reason. It is called a ‘tag’ and is used once or twice every week, usually so council members can gather more information before they vote on a particular contract or new city ordinance.

Wednesday, Boykins used it 32 times in a protest over those firefighters.

“Today and going forward, mayor, I would tag every single item on the agenda until these cadets are seated,” Boykins told council.

Street projects, parking plans and Harvey recovery contracts were all postponed until council’s next meeting. It is at least two weeks away, as council does not meet next week due to a spring break recess.

You’ll remember we showed you some of the trapped cadets raking leaves, others pouring concrete. As cadets, they continue to make ,000 a year.

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