Yaaaaaay its upload friday. How nice is that. So this is the almost finished description. It’s 9.30pm and I have to get up tomorrow morning at 4.30, so I really have not much energy left to write a full description 😉 Just some basic information: If you have ever flown on the A380 you know there is that stupid plastic glass about 5 cm before the real window, so no chance to put my gopro closer to that window. Talking about the gopro, once again I fluffed something up while recording it and all the images ended up in 4:3. Since I’m no hero in editing I have no idea how to change it to 16:9 if thats even possible, so I had to put them in like they are. I do apologize for that and will do better in the future! I hope you still enjoyed this review. BTW there will be no video release next friday since I’m applying for pilot at swiss intl and I’ve got my first “selection day” next friday and have to learn and repeat some maths and shit during the week 🙂 but there will be one for sure in 2weeks!

So here’s my opinion about the LH business class.

-Lounge in Houston: LH offers you complimentary access to an executive lounge in Houston, which is a very nice, cozy lounge with plenty of food, drinks and a bar. Seating is also nice but it can get really crowded since many other intercontinental airlines use that lounge aswell.. Biggest disappointment is the not existing coffee/espresso/capuccino machine. Otherwise its a very nice lounge!

-Check-in/boarding: Business class has got seperate check-in counters, prefered security control line and prefered boarding. Since this is an A380 and LH puts 92 business class seats in them you might not feel very privileged. But everything went smooth and there were no big problems

-Seat: The new LH business class seat is very nice. It’s not the best I’ve been in but it’s among the better seats. It’s pretty comfortable, you’ve got plenty stowage possibilities and huge legroom. The big disappointment is the 2-2-2 layout with no direct aisle access. I was lucky and had an empty seat next to me. So much win. It’s fully lie flat and the screen is huge. All in all a very nice seat.

-Service: The FA’s did a great job. They really tried hard to make you feel welcome aboard, were very kind and helpful and even greeted you with your name. They try to give you a lot of attention but it’s quite hard to serve 92 pax with an equal personal service. But all in all they did a good job. Food was pretty tasty too, I like how they had a mexican special menu. Not everything was german 😉 The amount was good too and most of it was really fresh and tasted good!

-IFE: The screen as mentioned before is quite big and thats already a big plus. Theres a wide selection of movies, shows and games and a very nice map and information section. Unfortunately you can’t tilt the screen so when lying flat it was hard to watch the movie, you had to sit up a little or move your head up to get a good view of the screen.

-Arrival: FRA being one of the biggest airports was ok. LH tries to fit all their flights more or less in the same terminal(s), but thats still huge. If you connect through FRA make sure you’ve got +/- 2 hours, I had to walk a good 30 minutes from my arrival gate to my connecting gate, had to spend another 30 minutes in security and passport control. So always good to have a longer connection time. Otherwise Frankfurt is a really nice, modern and mostly state of the art airport with lots of shops, restaurants etc. It’s very clean and well organized. The lounges in FRA though aren’t great. I mean if you were the among some others it would be nice but those LH lounges are crowded!! Way too small to handle all the premium customers. I’ve been to those lounges a couple of times now and everytime there were just too many people, no matter which lounge. If you get a seat its nice and the food and drink selection is nice too..IMO LH should open some more lounges in FRA.

I had all in all a good experience aboard LH, I would recommend them if the price is right! I do hope you like this review and if theres any questions just let me know, I try to answer them asap!



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