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Ivan Martinez, Franchise Operator for Bin There Dump That Houston was interviewed by Texas Business Radio.

The dumpster business, like lives, homes, commerce and small business was impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey that struck the city of Houston in the summer of 2017. But for Bin There Dump That and other dumpster rental services, the impact led to sky-rocketing business.

Matt Register interviewed Martinez on all aspects of the Bin There Dump That business model and how Ivan’s franchise in Houston was able to help homeowners cleanup from Hurricane Harvey.
Matt and Ivan detailed the service advantage Bin There Dump That presents by having smaller equipment in trucks and bins that are residential friendly, meaning homeowners could rent a dumpster, have it situated on one side of the driveway while your car occupies the other side of the driveway. Other dumpster services have greater difficulty accessing residential areas because their trucks and dumpsters are too large.

Martinez noted Bin There Dump That’s dumpsters have carved out a great niche, assisting homeowners clean up their garages, clean up from a kitchen or bathroom remodel, purging before moving to a new home or preventing them from frequent trips to the local landfill. Customers appreciate the double walk-in doors and that their driveway is protected as Ivan’s Dumpster Delivery Experts place down boards on the property to prevent dumpster scratches.
Register was interested in the history of the franchise that started with a single location in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in 2001. In 2004, the company was franchised, first throughout Canada and expanding into the United States in 2011. In fact, the franchise has near blanket-coverage throughout the state of Texas, with locations in Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco.

Going back to the impact of Hurricane Harvey, Register asked Martinez how he handled the rapid growth. Ivan and his Dumpster Consultants had troubles managing the massive call volume and started making lists of everyone that phoned them for a dumpster rental. Dumpster Consultants made sure to call back every caller, which speaks greatly to the customer service level of Bin There Dump That. Many homeowners had so much debris that it required a “swap” where Bin There Dump That would pick up the full dumpster, replace it with an empty one and dump the initial container at the landfill or transfer station.

Lastly, Register was interested in the types of home projects associated with each size. Martinez detailed:
• 4 yard dumpster is typically for denser materials like concrete, dirt and gravel
• 6 yard dumpsters are popular with homeowners who are tearing out a small bathroom
• For customers in need of clearing out a garage, the 10 yard dumpster was recommended
• For disposal of bulkier items like couches, the 15 or 20 yard dumpster is best suited

Register remarked on the niche carved out by Ivan and Bin There Dump That Houston by providing this service specifically catered to the homeowner. Bigger commercial dumpster companies aren’t excited for this one-off dumpster rental and their equipment isn’t ideal for these jobs; Bin There Dump That has a residential friendly dumpster service catered to the homeowner and their waste disposal project.

For more information on Bin There Dump That Houston, visit https://houston.bintheredumpthatusa.com

For full show notes, visit https://texasbusinessradio.com/archive/episode-122-accelleration-phase-businesses/

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