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Business Valuation for
Houston and Texas Businesses

Business Valuations are frequently required for Business Acquisitions, Buy-Sell Agreements, Commercial Litigation, Divorce Negotiations, Estate Planning, Insurance Claims, Partnership Dissolution, Limited Partnership Transfers, and Minority Shareholder Disputes.

Business Valuation Topics:

Types of Business Valuations
Cost of Business Valuations
What is Fair Market Value in a Business Valuation
Business Valuation Methodologies
Going Concern Valuation Summary
Going Concern Value – Income Approach
Going Concern Value – Asset Based Approach
Going Concern Value – Market Approach.
Liquidation Value
Small Business Valuation

Types of Business Valuations

Business Valuations can be done as either a Calculation Engagement or as a Valuation Engagement. The level of effort, and therefore cost, will vary depending on the engagement type selected.

Calculation Engagement:

In a calculation engagement the valuation analyst (sometimes called the appraiser) agrees with his client on the method and valuation formula to be used to calculate value for the subject interest. The valuation analyst performs a series of calculations using the agreed methodology to come up with a valuation that complies with the agreed approach to value. A calculation engagement is a substantially lower level of service than a valuation engagement.

Valuation Engagement:

In a valuation engagement the valuation analyst (sometimes called the appraiser) has the freedom to explore multiple approaches to valuation and to apply those particular valuation methods and approaches the valuation analyst deems most appropriate for the circumstances. This is generally a much more time consuming (and therefore expensive) process; and it is generally viewed to be a more accurate determination of value.

Business Valuation Formula

Generally a Business Valuation seeks to determine the Fair Market Value of
the Subject interest which is either an entire Business, or a portion of, or fractional ownership interest in, a Business.

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