Houston Botox, Houston Dermatology, Houston Spine Surgery reviews


Bella Rosa Clinic (Dr. Mark Schusterman) Botox

If you’ve read my blog at all you will know that for quite some time I have been unhappy about my wrinkled forehead. Thankfully, I have rectified the situation. I will say, without a doubt, the best experience I have had with Botox has been at the Bella Rosa Clinic (Dr. Mark Schusterman) with Nurse Practitioner, Melanie Ryan. Trust me when I tell you that this clinic is amazing. I have had more than my fair share of Botox, and I’m not ashamed to admit. My forehead can look like a Pug without it. Melanie does an amazing job of not only injecting it with little pain but also making the final product last. And, I mean it lasts! Some places I have been to have given me wrinkle relief for only a month. With Melanie, I can go almost 6 months before I need to have injections again. She is also incredibly sweet, friendly and is really knowledgeable. I feel very fortunate to have found this clinic. If you need Botox and are tired of paying an arm and a leg every other month, call the Bella Rosa Clinic (713-383-7672) today and make an appointment with Melanie.

Houston Dermatology – Nigro Dermatology – Dr. Reena Jogi

I cannot recommend this place enough. They are so professional, courteous and Dr. Reena Jogi is amazing. I have been for medical and cosmetic appointments and each time Dr. Jogi has far exceeded my expectations. She is quite possibly the most personable doctor I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and she takes finances into consideration when she prescribes treatments. If you are looking for a Dermatologist call Dr. Jogi and make an appointment. Whether you have a weird mole, wrinkles, a crazy vein in your leg (not me, just giving suggestions…) or anything else skin-related, Dr. Jogi can treat you and will do so while making you smile. Her nurse is pretty awesome too! To make an appointment call Nigro Dermatology at (713) 333-1770.

Methodist Neurosurgery And Spine Associates – Dr. J. Bob Blacklock

You might recall that I wrote about Dr. Blacklock a few years ago after my sister had a cervical fusion. I still stand by that review. Dr. Blacklock, in my opinion, is by far the best Neurosurgeon in Houston. I would not trust my family, nor myself, in the hands of anyone else. I’ve referred my mother, my sister, and friends to him. I really hope that anyone who has ever been told they needed spine surgery will at least let Dr. Blacklock take a look at them. He is honest, will not do surgery unless it is absolutely needed, and is incredibly skilled. He has an amazing bedside manner and is an all-around genuine person. Call his office and speak to Kay for an appointment: (713) 441-3800.

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