9 Highest Paid Social Work Jobs in 2020: Salary of 60k a year or more!

Many Social Work students may have the fear that there are very few jobs out there that will allow them to make a good living. But there are some! For this video, I did a lot of research, captured and compiled figures from trusted sources such as Glassdoor.com and Salary.com all in an effort to show you that there are high paid, in demand jobs that Social Workers can thrive in. For all job titles presented, I share the median average income that I have discovered from research.

Also, I myself am a Social Worker who is committed to doing good while also setting myself up for financial success. I work in a sector that pays a higher than average salary, and make it a habit to stay abreast of new trends in the job market that can lead to more high paid Social Work jobs. I want to share what i’ve learned with you all! Please like and comment on this video so I’m able to help more fellow Social Workers.

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