New Spaceport Approved Ellington Field Houston Texas – Civilian travel into outer space is right around the corner. Will you be one of the people to give this a shot? This isn’t the first though. The first spaceport is in New Mexico. Houston will build nation’s 10th licensed commercial spaceport at Ellington Airport. You read that right,the tenth! What do they have planned? We all know there is always more to the story. They tell us the basics or enough to pique our interest enough that we come on board and help push it through. What lies in store here remains to be seen,but you have to admit it is a little interesting to think about being able to travel in space. I wonder if this is what the ancients did and that is why we find what appear to be runways in remote places all over the globe. I wonder,how much will a ticket cost? Tell me what you think in the comment section below. SUBSCRIBE!

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