Road Trip #294 – Houston, Texas – City Drive (Long)

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Road Trip #294 – Houston, Texas – City Drive (Long)

During our trip to Houston in May, we had to take a trip across Houston, from our hotel near the Galleria, to Baytown. We set Waze to “Avoid Freeways”, and set off across town, taking us through varying neighborhoods and a huge railyard. This video shows that trip up to the Houston City Limits mostly in real-time, with stops trimmed out, and some of the less scenic areas sped up a little bit.

This is a long video, so if you’d like to see a sped up version, and save some time, please see this link:

Music by Doctor Turtle is licensed under a Attribution License CCbyA 4.0
“Lullaby for Democracy”, “Ladies Take Me With You”, “Energy by Clearest Thoughts Directed”,
“The Ants Built A City On His Chest”, “Rotisserie Graveyard”, “His Last Share of the Stars”

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