HOUSTON VLOG | TURKEY LEG HUT | ….. it’s up and it’s stuck

ANOTHER TRAVEL VLOG ! Went to Houston to be a H-Town hottie , lol jk. Houston is definitely a vibe, if you haven't went then you must visit . I will list a couple of the places that I mentioned in the video:


TASTE BAR & KITCHEN: https://www.tastebarkitchen.com/
TURKEY LEG HUT: https://theturkeyleghut.com/
COLOR FACTORY: https://colorfactory.co/houston
FOMO FACTORY: https://www.thefomofactory.com/
DAHLIAS : https://www.dahliahouston.com/
PROSPECT PARK: https://www.prospectparkrestaurants.com/
A'DOR: https://www.instagram.com/adorhouston/?hl=en
CANDENTE : https://www.candentehtx.com/

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