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Planning a trip to Houston, Texas? Learn about the best time of year to visit in this travel video. Tip: If you go in the spring and venture outside the city, you’ll get to see the famous Texas bluebonnets.

Unless you’re already used to extreme heat, skip visiting Houston in the summer.

Air conditioning is just about everywhere, and for good reason. The locals find the heat and humidity just as stifling as everybody else.

Average highs are in the 90s, and the humidity makes it feel even hotter. It’s also very rainy in the summer.

Fall heat isn’t as intense, but it’s still warm. Fall can see significant rain too, as hurricane season comes into full swing. Flooding in summer and fall is not unusual.

It’s no secret that Texas is hot, but it’s not always too bad. The winter is a pleasant time to visit. It cools down considerably but rarely freezes.

It’s also one of drier seasons — snow and winter storms are uncommon. Winter is also when Houston receives the fewest visitors, so you won’t have to deal with crowds and it will be easier to find good deals.

Spring is another good time to visit. It will be warm, but not unbearable yet. Though there are thunderstorms, spring is generally one of the drier seasons. As an added bonus, you’ll get to see the famous Texas bluebonnets — a beautiful blue flower that pops up all over the state in spring — if you venture outside of the city. Like in the winter, Houston also doesn’t see as many visitors during the spring, so it’s a good time to find bargains.

There are things to do in Houston year-round, but for the best weather and prices, opt for a visit in the winter or spring.

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