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More info on September 18, 2020/382 Trucking loaded. Fort Worth Texas

  • Storms stir up spot market activity; shippers reposition freight

    Tight capacity in Lakeland sent the average outbound rate up by 18 cents to $1.61 a mile. Overall, the number of reefer load posts was down 48% week over week although volumes are 55% higher ...

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  • While spot rates fall in August, van and reefer ratios increase

    The load-to-truck ratio rose to 9.4, which is above the July average of 8.8. Reefer load counts were up sharply in California, Texas ... outbound rate up by 18 cents to $1.61 a mile.

  • Matthew 25: Ministries

    Joined by the Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundry unit, the trucks are loaded with over ... swept through the Dallas/Fort Worth area and across parts of northeastern Texas Saturday, causing major ...

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