Chef Ashley Jonique hits Austin, Texas to find out from the locals themselves if the city is actually as weird as people say it is. She links with bartender Brett Esler, Chef Deepa Shridhar, and DJ Mel to get a taste of what Austin has to offer. From food trucks to watering holes, Ashley’s gatekeepers have her covered for the best food, drinks, and activities the city has to offer.

In every city, there’s someone who’s connected, who knows where to go on a slow Monday night and can get a table anywhere they want on a Friday — in every city, there’s a Gatekeeper. In this Thrillist travel show, we’re sending our host across the country to meet up with these Gatekeepers and experience first-hand everything you should make sure to do/eat/drink, one city at a time.

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Ashley Jonique

Food Gatekeeper
Deepa Shridhar

Culture Gatekeeper
DJ Mel

Drink Gatekeeper
Brett Esler

Production Manager
Alan Farris

Keith Cecere

Senior Producer
Chas Truslow

Wil Fulton

Associate Producer
Mia Faske

Production Coordinator
Myra Rivera

Director of Photography
Brian Connolly

Camera Operator
Colin Bressler

Audio Operator
Dwight Williams

Makeup Artist
Moni Pradler

Production Assistant
Clark Cothem

Senior Editor
Chris Murphy

Morgan Dopp
Gabe Miller

Associate Editor
Ede Bell Crowder

Post Audio
Daniel Byrne

Oliver Eid

Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Megan Chong

Executive Travel Editor
Keller Powell

Programming Coordinator
Madeline Concannon

Line Producer
Emily Tufaro

Post-Production Coordinator
Daniel Byrne

Supervising Video Producer
Stasia Jones

Chief Creative Officer
Meghan Kirsch

Special Thanks
Little Longhorn Saloon
Justine’s Brasserie
Dee Dee’s
Barton Springs
Austin Winery
Supper Club Szn

Thank you to the City of Austin for its generous support of this production. Filmed on location in Austin, Texas, USA.

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