Startup Vlog 001: The Beginning | Day in the Life of a Startup

This is my startup vlog. The inception of my startup idea. The beginning of a startup journey. A day in the life of a startup CEO (lol)

I have a startup idea and I wanna vlog about it. Although I don’t disclose the idea in this video (more to come) I do apply for a workshop that will help me come up with an executable business plan and validate my business idea.

What they required to know in the workshop application (and what you should make sure to think about when coming up with the business idea):
1. Problem & solution: a business idea has to solve a problem. The business idea can be a solution to an every day problem (I.e. entertainment) or it can be an improvement on a current solution.
2. Entrepreneur and team: why are you the best person to bring this idea to market?
3. What is your 6 month plan?

Hope this is helpful!

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